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    All over Dye Sublimation T Shirt printing is similar to sublimation printing in that it uses the same process: Your artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and is then transferred directly onto your apparel using a combination of both heat and pressure. Heat is used to convert the dye particles into a gas – known as Sublimation – and then bonds them with the polyester fibres. Unlike other methods, such as Screen Printing, the dye is absorbed directly into the fabric to produce a fantastic soft-to-the-hand feel.



    Minimum Quantity is 30 pieces of

    • Same Design
    • Same Size
    • Same Colour


    Sample mock up in 3 – 5 days

    • Sample available for order above 100 pieces only

    Mass Production in 7 – 14 days



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    Colour Sublimation printing is a popular method for printing high quality images on variety of fabrics. It allows full printing on apparels as well as other synthetic products such as banner, mugs, etc.

    When comes to Colour Sublimation Printing , we require 3 main components :

    1) Sublimation Printing which transfer dye to paper

    2) Printing paper – in which dyes are being transferred to the coated heat resistant surface

    3) Heat Press Calendar – in which polyester fabric or synthetic fabric are being roll over the heat surface at a degree celcius of around 200 – 220 together with the paper

    As the fabric and the printing paper are being rolled over the calendar, the transition of solid dye to gas take place on the fabric.



    • Vivid Color

      Colour Sublimation is printed in a way that the dye is impregnated into the very fine fiber of the fabric which make the entire shirt looks bright compare to conventional printing technique in which the inks are smeared on the surface only.

    • Print Don’t Fade with Wash

      Since the fabric has undergone sublimation, the ink particles stay permanently in the fabric fiber and the print do not fade even with multiple washes.

    • Print Size

      There is no restriction in printing size, as long as you want to print the entire t shirt will also be possible !

    • Design Range

      There is no restriction in design range such as colour, gradient and shape.


    • Printing Process<

      1) Printing Process

      Design Artwork is printed using large format printer on the printing paper

    • Cutting Process

      2) Cutting Process

      Fabric is cut according to your size and quantity breakdown

    • Heating Process

      3) Heating Process

      The Printing Paper and the Fabric is being rolled over on this heater in which sublimation take places.

    • End Product

      4) End Product

      After heating process, the fabric parts will be sew into a complete shirt and the entire piece of sublimation t shirt is produced.

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